Swets Marine Consultancy

Swets Marine Consultancy (SMC) is the business arm of Swets Group responsible for Marine consultancy and Management Services. Incorporated in 2014, SMC has successfully managed and conducted supply services on a number of vessels as well as manning and crewing of barges and tankers for a variety of leading shipping companies


Our responsibility to rendering consulting services in the maritime, oil & gas sectors and exploiting its full capabilities and potentials to these markets has enabled us to win the confidence of several top notch companies all over the world. We act as a representative for these organizations and provide support ranging from crew placement and general human resource management of crew members to other oil servicing needs

SMC delivers on a range of services which include:

  • Design & Construction: We design and construct new shipyards for building purposes, jetties and full range of water vessels from fishing trawlers, tanker vessels, cargo vessels, accommodation barges and boats with any variety of material from steel, aluminium unto custom designs
  • Manpower Supply / Manning of Vessels
  • Crew Management
  • Training of Cadets
  • Data Measurement Services
  • Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Navigational / Communication Equipment
  • Supply of Security Services and Equipment
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